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where PI — the potential of marketing tools (methodical); PII — the potential of the marketing personnel (human a resource; PIII — the potential of marketing material resources; PIV — the potential of marketing information resources of the enterprise.

Proceeding from various degrees of importance of personal sales, sales promotion, advertizing and formation of public opinion in the industrial market it was decided to present formular dependence of potential of communicative level in the following form:

where Pv1 — planning of segmentation of the market by the enterprise; Pv2 — application of effects of segmentation; Pv3 — application of the principles of segmentation; Pv4 — application of methods of segmentation; Pv5 — use of criteria of segmentation; Pv6 — a reasonable choice of the target market of the enterprise; Pv7 — a choice of target segments of the enterprise; Pv8 — development of measures of positioning of goods; Pv9 — forecasting of sale in target segments of the market.

For marketing information system of the enterprise practically all sections of this system are equivalent, from here we can estimate them in close weight coefficients, with some allocation of administrative decisions:

The marketing potential characterizing by itself possibility of application of various marketing resources, apparently, first of all has to be the integrated characteristic of marketing resource providing the enterprise. In other words, in the integrated plan the potential of marketing is the sum of the methodical, human, material and information resources providing marketing activity.

As composed in the potential of market researches planning, and also development of the concept of research and creation of marketing information system are main, the specified potential can have an appearance:

where Pts1 — planning of process of pricing at the enterprise; Pts2 — the accounting of external factors of pricing; Pts3 — definition of the purpose of pricing; Pts4 — a pricing method choice; Pts5 — a pricing strategy choice; Pts6 — application of methods of price differentiation.

where Pm1 — planning of market researches; Pm2 — development of the concept of research; Pm3 — desk market researches; Pm4 — field researches of the market; Pm5 — the analysis of market condition; Pm6 — researches of foreign markets; Pm7 — imitating modeling of sales of production of the enterprise.

In the potential of pricing process by the main components, according to experts, the reasonable choice of a method of pricing, and also application of strategy of pricing and methods of price differentiation are:

The choice of the target market is based, first of all, on planning of segmentation of the market, a reasonable choice of criteria of segmentation and application of the principles of segmentation, and also on correct positioning of goods in a target segment of the enterprise. Therefore, the potential of segmentation can be presented in the form:

where Po1 — planning of formation of public opinion by the enterprise; Po2 — planning of commodity promotion; Po3 — planning of lobbist activity; Po4 — formation of corporate culture; Po5 — purposeful formation of image of firm; Po6 — planning and the organization of permanent job with mass media; Po7 — planning and the organization of periodic work with mass media; Po8 — preparation of crisis instructions at the enterprise.

As it was noted above, the potential of marketing tools is function of potential analytical, potential production and potential communicative (a ratio. Taking into account separate sections of marketing this ratio can be presented in the form:

In relation to each separate industrial enterprise reserves of use of modern marketing tools can be revealed at consultation and search of the most optimum use of modern economic approaches in planning and the organization of marketing activity.

where Pi1 — results of desk market researches; Pi2 — results of researches of the market (field and tactical); Pi3 — monitoring of large sales; Pi4 — monitoring of marketing activity of the enterprise; Pi5 — monitoring of administrative decisions.