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Remove unnecessary buttons and fields, and also the operating elements which are superfluous for fast data input. For example, if the user never needs an account number, it is necessary to remove the corresponding button from a form - it only occupies the screen space. If in forms of processing of transactions some elements create conveniences, they can simply disturb fast data input.

2 it is not necessary to shift an explanation to the operational reference how to use the appendix. In most cases its has to be intuitive and it should not compel a to be dug in in the management or to read the operational reference.

For big saving of time of users who to use the keyboard, but not a mouse, it is possible to functions of each button of a toolbar teams of menus and to include in it also teams which are not presented by form buttons.

Choice of the functions entered into the appendix. It is not necessary to enter properties. The user's overload a useless will cause vain losses of time. It is necessary to define properties are useful and what are not present.

For allocation of elements of the report it is possible to use progressive opportunities of formatting at the press, for example, such attributes of a font as the press with a shadow or a semiboldface tracing. But it is necessary to have in a look that the printer of the user has to possess those means which assumed at creation of the report.

Forms of data input are used for intensive data input, generally in databases. The attention is more paid to speed here, but not to an esthetics of the screen or such details, as the emerging helps or the revealing lists. Data input forms usually are sufficiently laconic and include only the most necessary elements. As a rule, users of such forms are operators of data input who in operating time look generally at initial documents, but not at the screen. The special attention is paid here to the keyboard as use of a mouse demands visual interaction.

At design it is necessary to consider that most of users is not experts in computer facilities. Their knowledge of the computer is at the level of the operator COMPUTER. For work with the program - users need to master work in Windows at the level of the operator COMPUTER and to study the user's guide GOBASE.

If the appendix is limited only to data reading it is possible to remove components of modification of data. It is possible to manage of DBText or TLabel to display fields of type, without resorting to such saturated components as the list or the combined list.

The system on management of the GOBASE database is intended for the accounting of objects of economy, maintaining a database about objects of economy, the accounting of readiness of object in case of the possible emergency situations (ES), formations and the printings of lists of objects, and also for the accounting of trainees in the educational and methodical center (EMC).

Maximum use of the screen area. As a rule, users prefer to see things in the most and developed look. It is also possible to assume that seldom start under control of Windows more than one application at the same time therefore maximizing practically all windows of forms is permissible.

Need of the solution of such ergonomic problems was caused as the increasing requirements imposed to ergonomic improvement of program products, and the increasing deficiency of labor. Therefore it is necessary as it is possible to use better human abilities in the course of production, constantly to increase its culture and to improve working conditions of the person.

1 Use of the emerging helps gives to a magnificent opportunity to learn that does this, without clicking on is mute (it especially important for control panel buttons.). The emerging helps represent the emerging tags which are displayed when the of a mouse stops over a certain meaning screen.

This program has to support the interface with the user (top level) and the interface with the distributed database (the lower level). The GOBASE program is intended for work under control of an operational environment of Windows. The interface of the user have to conform to the Windows standards.