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The international tourism is one of the most dynamic developing spheres of foreign economic activity and takes an important place in modern world economy, and its role constantly increases.

The organizations providing to tourists goods and services. These are businessmen who see opportunity to get profit by means of granting goods and services taking into account demand in the tourist market in tourism.

The periodization of development of tourism in Western Europe is very in detail lit by V. B. Saprunova the following criteria are her basis: technical and economic prerequisites; social prerequisites; criterion functions of tourism at different stages of development. According to this periodization, in the history of development of tourism 4 stages differ:

Administrative approach, according to experts, is the most important and perspective as it is focused on separate tourist firms, that is has microeconomic character. This approach is focused on such types of administrative activity necessary for functioning of tourism organization as planning, control, pricing, advertizing, etc. Importance and prospects of this approach are caused by that institutional changes, changes of a product and even society mean what exactly the administrative purposes and procedures have to start the mechanism of changes taking into account changes, occurring in the tourist environment.

Host. The local population perceiving tourism, first of all, as a factor of employment of the population. For this group the result of interaction with tourists, including with foreign is important.

Tourists. These are people who feel various mental and physical need which nature defines the direction and types of participation of these people in tourist activity as consumers.

Proceeding from the used vehicles for movement of distinguish tourism with use of an individual transport of the tourist and transport, i.e. the transport belonging or rented by a economic entity. To these kinds of tourism ­ trailering, karavanny cruise, sea and river cruises, etc.

As the most part of the territory of Kyrgyzstan is occupied by mountains, they are the most attractive resource for tourists of foreign countries. Adventure tourism is in a great demand in the world tourist market.

The republic becomes more attractive to businessmen, athletes, scientists, fans of extreme rest, and also for the people who are interested in history and today of the countries located on the Great Silk way.

So, at a certain stage of development of economy when the need for sharply increased, there were also producers of services for. It led to formation of goods of a special look - tourism. Thus, tourism arose as goods which can be bought and eaten in the consumer market and which is realized in the form of material and non-material ­. A peculiar advantage of tourist services as goods is that the considerable part of these services is made with the minimum expenses on a place and, as a rule, without use of foreign currency.

Except natural sights, Kyrgyzstan is rich historical ­ with the monuments located on the Great Silk way, having the world value. The organization of transit rounds on the Great Silk way is especially actual as it will give to Kyrgyzstan the chance of entry into a zone of interest of such countries as Japan, Malaysia, the People's Republic of China, Korea, and also the European states.

Historical approach includes the analysis of activity of tourist institutes in a historical foreshortening and influence of innovations on their development. Such evolutionary approach did not gain broad development as tourism gained mass character rather recently.

On duration of stay of tourists on travel allocate short-term and long tourism. Short-term tourism is a tourism when duration of travel does not three days. Long tourism is a tourism at which the term of travel is more than three days.

The international tourism happens exit and entrance. Outbound tourism is a of the persons who are constantly living in this territory to other country. Entrance tourism is travel within this country of the persons who are not living constantly in the territory of this country.